God has been stirring in our hearts a vision of planting healthy, reproducing churches who simply do what Jesus commanded His disciples to do: Love God and love others.

Imagine a church that brought hope and good news in both its words and its actions.

It would be a place that invests in the care of both the young and old. It would be a place for people to belong and a place for people to use their talents and gifts to make their town a better and brighter place. This would be a place that helps people find and follow Jesus. Now, that place is not a building. That place is a people…a community of people pursuing Jesus together! And that’s the kind of church that we intend to plant all over Montana and the kind of movement we hope to inspire all across rural America and the world.

You and I both know that news travels fast in a small town; both good and bad. Can you imagine the huge impact that a church like you just imagined could have in a small town?

This has to be part of the reason that Jesus chose to begin His ministry in all of the small towns surrounding the Sea of Galilee. Think about it. It was in the small town of Cana where He performed His first miracle. It was in the small town of Capernaum where He preached His first sermon. It was out of the small towns that the gospel spread to the cities and the world. What if it could happen all over again? We believe that MONTANA is the place and NOW is the time to see this BIG vision for SMALL towns begin to become a reality.

And we believe that this dream will become a reality with the start of one healthy, reproducing church in Kalispell, Montana.