On a journey to find and follow Jesus.

About Us

We our now gathering at our new location in Evergreen and we could not be more excited! Please plan on joining us every Sunday at 10:30 am at 315 E Evergreen Dr. Kalispell, MT.

A trailhead is a place where friends meet to go on a journey together.

Trailhead Church is a brand new church launching this Fall in Kalispell, Montana. We are just a bunch of imperfect people pursuing Jesus together in community, allowing Him to transform our lives from the inside-out. We are committed to spreading HOPE by the way we live everyday, not just on Sundays. We would love for you to consider joining us as we work together to start this new church.

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A lot of things in life are overrated…
HOPE is not one of them!

About Chris and Lyndsey Hornbrook

We are Chris and Lyndsey Hornbrook and we live on a small farm in Kalispell, Montana where we are currently raising our 5 kids: Ruthie, Canaan, Lily, Shiloh, and Halle. We love a good adventure and spending time exploring God’s creation.

Our hobbies include hiking, fishing, hunting, sustainable farming, mixed martial arts, and taking road trips.